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Rackel Jurdi is an American recording artist/ song writer. At the age of 5, she discovered her love for music, coming to enjoy a wide range of musical genres including Country, Jazz, Pop and much more.

Having performed for the very first time at her elementary school at the age of seven, she describes the experience as “fun, terrifying and addictive” all at once.

She has since performed at countless gigs, taken part in high school plays, and opened concerts for international artists such as Tamer Hosny and Elissa. She appears in Hosny and Shaggy’s music video for their single, “Smile”, where she can be seen singing Turn On the Radio by artist Reba McEntire.

In developing her career as a musician, Rackel has crossed paths and worked with great producers including Kwame Holland and Roy Hamilton III, penning and recording several tunes written along with her older sister, Sarah Jurdi. She has also had the honor of singing at the British Embassy of the United States, receiving a gold coin and a letter of commendation in reward for her memorable and enjoyable performance.

Rackel is now recording her own album in hopes of becoming a successful recording artist, focusing her efforts on continuing to improve her voice and song-writing skills.



SOON 2014